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About Us!

Pen Write is a Cartoonist and Illustrator with a BFA in Comic Art from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design ('21), currently based in Minneapolis, MN.

Magenta Malone is a writer, editor, and LGBT+ Activist, currently based in Minneapolis, MN.

Pen and Magenta have been making stories together since they were 10 years old. In 2020 when the pandemic first anchored them to their house, they found themselves up late one night reminiscing over the really bad comics they had made as preteens. In a school notebook from 2011, they came across something very interesting... A story about a girl named Maroon. Even though it had been drawn before either of them knew what a "lesbian" was, 'Maroon' carried with it an undercurrent of confusion, frustration, and longing that they instantly recognized. "Holy shit," they remarked. "This entire story is about being queer." But like, only subtextually. And that would need to be changed. So they got right to work. 

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